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Automotive Quality Systems Handbook, New International Standards Requirements

Author:  David Hoyle

David Hoyle, who participated in the year 2000 revision of ISO 9000, has worked in quality management for over 30 years in a number of industry sectors, including aerospace, automotive, and computers. He is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institute of Quality Assurance, Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a Lead Auditor registered with the IRCA. As an established management consultant he has assisted both large and small organizations achieve ISO 9000 certification in the USA and in Europe, and has delivered quality management training courses in many parts of the world. He is a Director of Transition Support Ltd, a company which provides consultancy, facilitation and  training services moving towards business excellence, and sits on various Boards and Panels for the Institute of Quality Assurance, as well as writing articles for Quality World magazine.

ISBN: 0750672439

Cost £36.99



This book gives more than an overview, it tells how you to do it!   Contains detailed instructions and check-lists for implementation.   Addresses all ISO requirements as well as all new automotive specific requirement.   Based on the ISO 9000 Quality Systems Handbook which sold over 25,000 copies worldwide

The Automotive Quality Systems Handbook is a step-by-step guide to interpreting and implementing the new international technical specification, ISO/TS 16949.  Accepted by major vehicle manufacturers as an alternative to the existing US, German, French and Italian automotive quality system requirements, this Technical Specification defines specific requirements for the application of ISO 9001: 1994 throughout the automotive supply chain. While initially the standard will be voluntary, for the first time, second and third tier suppliers may be faced with pressure to undergo third party registration. After the year 2000 the next version of the standard will actually replace the four existing standards, (AVSQ, EAQF, QS-9000 and VDA 6 1) and the price of entry to the global automotive market will be conformance to this new standard.

This handbook is an essential and comprehensive guide to enable organizations to meet the new Automotive Quality System requirements. Unlike other books on the subject, each element, clause and requirement is analysed in detail with guidance provided for its implementation. The handbook is written primarily for implementers and discerning managers, for instructors and auditors and contains a range of solutions that would be acceptable in the automobile industry. It includes details of the certification scheme, the differences with existing standards, check lists, questionnaires, tips for implementers, flow charts and a glossary of terms.

CE Conformity Marking, and New Approach Directives

Author:  Ray Tricker

(MSc, IEng, FIIE (elec), FinstM, MIQA, MIRSE), Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Herne European Consultancy Ltd - an organisation specialising in Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems

ISBN: 0750648139

Cost £24.99



Essential information for any manufacturer or distributor wishing to trade in the European Union.  Practical and easy to understand.  Accessible pricing and format.  CE Marking can be regarded as a product's trade passport for Europe.  It is a mandatory European marking for certain product groups to indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out in the European Directive.

PUBCOMMENTS: The prime aim of the CE Directive is to ensure that "all industrial products that are placed on the market do not compromise the safety and health of users when properly installed, maintained and used in accordance with their intended purpose.  Users and third parties should be provided with a high level of protection and the devices should attain the performance levels claimed by the manufacturer."  This book explains the meaning of CE Marking, its history, how the Directive can affect all manufacturers of industrial products, its current status, its associated quality management requirements, and how manufacturers can easily and cost-effectively meet the requirements for CE Conformance.

CE Marking Handbook

Author: Dave Lohbeck

Dave Lohbeck has extensive training experience in compliance, mainly with his former employer, TUV Rheinland.  He is currently employed at Dell Computer.

ISBN: 0750698195

Cost £41.99



Shows design engineers how to comply with CE requirements for product conformity. Explains legal and technical issues concisely and logically. Presents and illuminates US and EU differences. Covers laws, standards, enforcement and safety. This book is essential reading for electronic consumer-product manufacturers doing business in the European marketplace. Compliance with directives and procedures can be a complex and confusing process, resulting in wasted money and effort. With the help of the CE Marking Handbook, engineers and managers can more easily identify which rules apply to them and pinpoint what they need to do to comply. Dave Lohbeck was formerly the Manager for Seminars and Training at TUV Rhineland, the largest German testing and certification agency. He has worked for many years as an engineer, including nine years in the field of European safety and EMC compliance.

A once complicated topic is made clear as the author addresses the confusion surrounding CE Marking. Lohbeck offers guidance on both legal and design issues. This book includes a step-by-step design guide aimed at both novice and experienced exporters. With its help, engineers and managers can easily identify which rules apply to their products and pinpoint what they need to do to comply. The information presented here is backed up with facts and examples. Many have been misled, unfortunately, but this book presents the real meaning of CE Marking.

Design of Shielded Enclosures, Cost-Effective Methods to Prevent EMI

Author:  Louis T. Gnecco

Certified Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineer, Certified Electrostatic Discharge Control Engineer, Certified TEMPEST Professional, Master of Science, Electrical Engineering George Washington University, Bachelor of Engineering, Manhattan College, President, TEMPEST, INC.

ISBN: 0750672706

Cost £37.50



Get quick, effective, and economical solutions to pressing engineering problems that are halting delivery, stopping production and costing money.  Learn the best tricks of the trade from a certified EMI professional with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about practical applications.  Discover important testing and troubleshooting techniques for EMI shielding.

Design of Shielded Enclosures is the ultimate practical guide to electromagnetic interference protection and design. This comprehensive book, written for engineers and designers, covers the design of all shielded enclosures from the smallest ones that mount on printed circuit boards to large multi-story test chambers.

The author provides a full-range of cost options on how to prevent EMI: from inexpensive enclosures that are adequate for many situations to the most advanced shielding techniques used in scientific applications. This unique book will show the reader how to select the most suitable technique for the application: something that will do the job, yet avoid expensive and time-consuming "overkill." Design of Shielded Enclosures provides a variety of practical techniques that will reveal how well an enclosure is working without a lot of expensive and time-consuming tests. This book will also show how to determine when detailed testing is necessary.


Digital Design for Interference Specifications

A Practical Handbook for EMI Suppression

2nd Edition

Authors:  David Terrell and R. Kenneth Keenan

ISBN 075067282x

Cost £57.50



Based on over twenty years of hands-on experience with electromagnetic interference (EMI), Digital Design for Interference Specifications provides circuit designers with concrete rules that can be applied immediately to the design of new digital products.  The authors' techniques emphasize EMI source suppression at the printed circuit board level and considers shielding only as a last resort.   The material is written in a how-to format with brief qualitative explanations of why or how design recommendations suppress emissions or reduce susceptibility.   The described approaches toward design and prevention of EMI will save manufacturers time, product cost, and enhance manufacturability.  Best of all, designers will not have to be EMI gurus to implement these processes but they will definitely look like experts when the final outcome is assessed.

Electrical Interference Handbook

Author: Norman Ellis

Director – Norman Ellis Consultancy

ISBN: 0750635479

Cost £30.99



Guide to the minefield of legislation in the modern electronics & electrical goods industry.   Suggests practical solutions.   Appendices provide an essential reference section.   The Directive on EMC, and others affecting the electrical and electronics industry, are now firmly in place. In this updated guide the causes, effects and penalties of electrical interference are explained. Remedies such as methods of minimising emissions and maximising immunity are surveyed.

This handbook gives an insight into the various national and international standards and test methods. Case studies illustrate the challenge in various major industrial sectors including buildings, domestic appliances and white goods, IT, transport and automotive, lighting, medical equipment and security.

Electrical Product Safety: A Step-by-Step Guide to LVD Self Assessment, A Step-by-Step Guide to LVD Self Assessment

Authors:  David Holland  & Jimmy Tzimenakis

David Holland, Trading Standards Officer

Jimmy Tzimenakis, Senior Manager for Sony, Mid-Glamorgan. Safety Approvals Engineer.

ISBN: 0750646047

Cost £44.99



A complete, practical guide to meeting core EU legal requirements.  Designed for easy application by small and medium companies, not just large technical teams.   Expertise of an author who has set up a similar system at Sony, and supplies supporting software. This book provides a step-by-step approach to meeting the LVD and reducing safety approval costs.  It is a practical and easy to follow guide aimed at helping manufacturers of electrical products, and in particular small and medium sized businesses to understand the requirements of the LV regulations, understand the basic safety principles, self assess their products and create customised safety reports.

The guide is presented in four parts: the first part examines the regulations, their enforcement and the concept of due diligence; the second and most detailed part takes the reader through the process of product self evaluation and report compilation; part three deals with the documentation, i.e. how to compile a technical file and how to prepare a declaration of conformity; finally part four explains how to set up factory and production control systems. Electrical Product Safety has been written by a Trading Standards Office (D. Holland) and an experienced Safety Approvals Engineer (J. Tzimenakis).

Electrical Safety Engineering

Author:  W. Fordham-Cooper FIEE, FIMechE

ISBN: 0750639652

Cost £36.99



The comprehensive reference work on electrical safety.  Draws on a wide range of incidents and investigations.  New paperback version brings this classic within reach of a wide professional readership. Revised by D.A. Dolbey Jones, Senior Engineering Inspector.   Electrical Safety Engineering deals with the theory and practice of the safe design, installation and operation of industrial electrical equipment. It is well established as the leading comprehensive source of reference on electrical safety.

This third edition incorporates revisions that cover the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, EC Directives on safety matters and many recent developments in safety legislation and guidance publications. W Fordham Cooper drew on his long experience as HM Electrical Inspector of Factories and a consultant to the Insurance Technical Bureau to write this wide-ranging work. D A Dolbey Jones, who has revised this classic for its third edition, adds his own insights gained as an HM Senior Electrical Inspector with the Health and Safety Executive, responsible for steering the project on the Electricity at Work Regulations and the official Memorandum of Guidance on the Regulations; and as a Senior Engineering Inspector with the Department of Energy (now the DTI). Published guidance and other useful reference material is signposted throughout the book. Two new appendices deal with essential up-to-date publications.

EMC at Component and PCB Level

Author: Martin O'Hara

BSc (Hons) Applied Physics and Electronics (2ii)MSc Physical Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation ASEE Diploma in Engineering (DEM) with Honours(obtained 'Premium Award' for highest national examination mark), Technical Manager, Newport Components

ISBN: 0750633557

Cost £33.99



Shows how to achieve EMC compliance early on in the design process.  Provides the knowledge to trace system EMC performance problems.  Follows best design practices.   This book provides the knowledge and good design practice for the design or test engineer to take the necessary measures to improve EMC performance and therefore the chance of achieving compliance, early on in the design process.

There are many advantages for both the component supplier and consumer, of looking at EMC at component and PCB level.  For the suppliers, not only will their products have the competitive edge because they have known EMC performance, but they will be prepared should EMC compliance become mandatory in the future. For consumers it is a distinct advantage to know how a component will behave within a system with regard to EMC.

EMC for Product Designers

Author:  Tim Williams

Elmac Services

ISBN: 0750649305

Cost: £30.99



Save £1,000s on consultancy bills with this book.  Practical guide to implementing EMC within the product design process.  The leading professional guide to the EMC Directive – 100% up-to-date and reliable

Widely regarded as the standard text on EMC, Tim Williams' book provides all the key information needed to meet the requirements of the EMC Directive. Most importantly, it shows how to incorporate EMC principles into the product design process, avoiding cost and performance penalties, meeting the needs of specific standards and resulting in a better overall product.

As well as covering the very latest legal requirements, the third edition has been thoroughly updated in line with the latest best practice in EMC compliance and product design. New and expanded topics include EMC management, quality assurance, and EMC within systems.

Tim Williams has worked for a variety of companies as an electronic design engineer over the last 20 years. He has monitored the progress of the EMC Directive and its associated standards since it was first made public. He is a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and now runs his own consultancy, specialising in EMC design and training.

EMC for Systems and Installations

Authors:  Tim Williams & Keith Armstrong

ISBN: 0750641673

Cost: £30.99



This is a guide for system designers and installers faced with the day-to-day issues of achieving EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility), and will be found valuable across a wide range of roles and sectors, including process control, manufacturing, medical, IT, and building management.   The EMC issues   covered will also make this book essential reading for   product manufacturers and suppliers - and highly relevant for managers as well as technical staff.

The authors’ approach is thoroughly practical - all areas of installation EMC are covered with particular emphasis on cabling and earthing.  Students on MSc and CPD programmes will also find in this book some valuable real-world antidotes to the academic treatises.

The book is presented in two parts: the first is non-technical, and looks at the need for EMC in the context of systems and installations, with a chapter on the management aspects of EMC.  The second part covers the technical aspects of EMC, looking at the various established methods which can be applied to ensure compatibility, and setting these in the context of the new responsibilities facing system builders.   EMC for Systems and Installations is designed to complement Tim Williams’ highly successful EMC for Product Designers.

EMC in Power Electronics

Author: Laszlo Tihanyi

ISBN: 0750623799

Cost £65.00



Electronics professionals will find this book invaluable when designing power equipment, because it describes in detail how to cope with the problem of electromagnetic interference. The author shows how to meet the exacting US and European EMC standards for conducted emissions.

The book includes a wide range of EMI analysis techniques. An important focus is on the energy content of interference transient signals (traditional analysis concentrates on amplitude and frequency). This provides a more accurate picture of the EMI situation. For those who do not want or need detailed analysis techniques, many approximation methods are also provided. These simplified techniques give accurate results for all but the most stringent applications. The book contains several worked examples and an extensive bibliography, and is sure to be useful to electronic design engineers and others who need to meet international EMC regulations and standards. Laszlo Tihanyi has worked on EMC for over 20 years. Formerly Head of the Department of Power Electronics at the Hungarian Research Institute for the Electrical Industry, he focused primarily on solving EMI problems in electronic systems and developing a dimensioning method for power line filters.

Environmental Requirements for Electromechanical and Electrical Equipment

Author:  Ray Tricker

(MSc, IEng, FIIE (elec), FinstM, MIQA, MIRSE), Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Herne European Consultancy Ltd - an organisation specialising in Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems

ISBN: 0750639024




Companion to 'Quality and Standards in Electronics'.    Covers essential tests and regulations for equipment designers and manufacturers.    Likely to be of interest to major companies worldwide.   This is the definitive reference containing all of the background guidance, typical ranges, details of recommended test specifications, case studies and regulations covering the environmental requirements on designers and manufacturers of electrical and electromechanical equipment worldwide.

The recent introduction of the European EMC directive is just one aspect of the requirements placed upon manufacturers and designers of electrical equipment. There are numerous national and international standards and specifications that describe the application environment in which equipment must function. Factors that must be taken into account include temperature, solar radiation, humidity, pressure, weather and the effects of water and salt, pollutants and contaminants, mechanical stresses and vibration, ergonomic considerations, electrical safety including EMC, reliability and performance. A broad range of standard tests exist which must be passed by equipment if it is to fulfil the requirements placed upon it.  Ray Tricker is the author of a number of books describing the regulatory framework within which the electronics and electrical equipment industry must function, including Quality and Standards in Electronics, also published by Newnes. This latest volume will give the designer or manufacturer a first point of reference when negotiating the minefield that is the global market for their products.

Environmental Systems Handbook, Environmental System Handbook

Author:  Ken Whitelaw

SGS Yarsley International Certification Society

ISBN: 0750637668

Cost £34.99



Author has years of practical experience with a world-renowned organisation.   Real-life case-studies provide meat for readers wondering about relevance to their companies.  This book contains the most recent information about the standard, including all its final modifications. The book outlines the scope and purpose of the standard and makes it accessible to everyone. The book leads the reader through the theory and implementation of an ISO14000-compliant environmental management system, including the consultant's and auditor's perspective, and give case studies from industries that have actually undergone the process.  Finally there is input from training organisations and certification and accreditation bodies to help with trouble-shooting and assessment. 

The book rounds off with an examination of the likely future, including the potential role of the European 'sub-set' of ISO14000 - EMAS - and what chances it has of international adoption.

Guide to Microsoft Excel for Scientists and Engineers

Author:  Bernard Liengme

St Francis Xavier University, Canada

ISBN: 0750650575

Cost £16.99



The best introductory book on Excel aimed specifically at scientists and engineers. Covers the latest versions of Excel, including Excel 2000. Incorporates changes due to feedback from readers. Contains extra functions and statistics.   Microsoft Excel has a wide range of scientific functions that the average user would never encounter, let alone utilise, and students keen to use Excel to analyse and represent the results of their experiments are currently forced to wade through almost incomprehensible manuals on Excel. 'A Guide to Microsoft Excel for Scientists and Engineers' gives scientific and engineering students a clear introduction to the use of excel for the analysis and presentation of experimental results, before going on to discuss some of the more advanced functions, such as modelling.

Completely updated to cover the latest versions of Excel, including 2000, Bernard Liengme has also included new material on functions, statistics and the 'Solver' tool, as well as completely rewritten the section on charts. In addition, he has focused on: formulas; charts; curve-fitting; equation solving; integration; macros; statistical functions; logic functions; databases; macros. This new edition of an already indispensable guide is one that no scientist or engineer can afford to be without.

Introduction to EMC

Author:  John Scott

ISBN: 0750631015

Cost £21.99



Beginner's guide to EMC ideal for non-technical staff.  Vital for all businesses who export to either Europe or the rest of the world.  This is the clear guide for non-specialists to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the effects of electromagnetic radiation and the European EMC Directive which is now in force. This book helps by explaining the basic principles of EMC, how it may be controlled in practice through filtering, shielding, appropriate printed circuit board design, and other means. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) and surge protection are discussed. The growing concern about the effects of electromagnetic waves and fields on health are examined in detail.

This introduction provides beginners, technical and non-technical alike with a basic guide to the principles of EMC. This will prove essential reading for the thousands of people close to despair, giving them the underlying insight, in clear words, that is needed to comply with the EMC Directive, and therefore opens the door to continued trading in Europe and the World.

ISO 9001: 2000 for Small Businesses

Author:  Ray Tricker

(MSc, IEng, FIIE (elec), FinstM, MIQA, MIRSE), Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Herne European Consultancy Ltd - an organisation specialising in Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems

ISBN: 0750648821

Cost £19.99



Fully revised and updated, ISO 9001:2000 for Small Businesses explains the new requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 and helps businesses draw up a quality plan that will allow them to meet the challenges of the market place.

For engineers and managers in small and medium sized companies, and also in service industries and user groups, the text will serve as an essential guide to the most important new developments in quality assurance.

ISO 9001: 2000 In Brief

Author:  Ray Tricker

(MSc, IEng, FIIE (elec), FinstM, MIQA, MIRSE), Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Herne European Consultancy Ltd - an organisation specialising in Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems

ISBN 0750648147

Cost £14.99



Covers the revised quality management systems standard ISO 9001:2000. This ‘hands on’ book provides practical information on how to cost- effectively set up an ISO 9001:2000 compliant Quality Management System.  It explains the meaning of ISO 9001, its history, current status, requirements and changes made to it.  It also covers how ISO 9001 can affect business, and how they can easily and cost-effectively satisfy their customers’ requirements for quality control and quality assurance.

ISO 9001: 2000 Audit Procedures

Author:  Ray Tricker

(MSc, IEng, FIIE (elec), FinstM, MIQA, MIRSE), Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Herne European Consultancy Ltd - an organisation specialising in Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems

ISBN 0750654368

Cost £24.99



The revised ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System was put in place in December 2000.  There is huge international interest in the subject, particularly from companies already certified to ISO 9001:1994, ISO 9002:1994 and ISO 9003:1994, needing to update their existing systems to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

ISO 9001:2000 Audit Procedures fills a need for a guide which will assist auditors in completing internal, external and third party audits of existing ISO 9001: 1994, ISO 9002: 1994 and ISO 9003: 1994 compliant Quality Management Systems, newly implemented ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management Systems & transitional QMSs.

Organisations must also be prepared to undergo an audit of their own quality procedures from potential customers and prove to them that their Quality Management System fully meets the recommendations, requirements and specifications of ISO 9001:2000.  This book describes methods for completing management reviews and quality audits.

MDD Compliance Using Quality Management Techniques

Author:  Ray Tricker

(MSc, IEng, FIIE (elec), FinstM, MIQA, MIRSE), Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Herne European Consultancy Ltd - an organisation specialising in Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems

ISBN: 0750644419

Cost £75.00



Easy to follow guide to MDD.  Written in clear, no nonsense format.  Quality manual will provide template for any product being produced under MDD.  User manual - enables purchaser to customise the Quality Management System to suit his own business.  The Medical Devices Directive (MDD) is an all-encompassing document legislating for the manufacture of any medical device or material used either temporarily or permanently on or in the human body. To achieve its main objectives the MDD requires the manufacturer of all products covered by the Directive to possess a fully auditable Quality Management System consisting of Quality Policies, Quality Procedures and Work Instructions, based on the ISO 9000 standard. The book is based on the sound principles of ISO 9000 and will guide to the reader, if required, to eventually set up an ISO 9000 fully compliant system.

MDD-Compliance using Quality Management Techniques consists of the following:* A brief guide to the Medical Devices Directive – explaining the main requirements of the directive, translating legal "Eurospeak" into everyday language* An overview of ISO 9000 and how the MDD links in with these international requirements.* A Quality Manual – will provide a template for a complete Quality Management System that can be used by any product being produced under the requirements of the MDD* CD ROM containing a software copy of the Quality Manual * A User manual consisting of clear instructions and flow charts on how to set up and use the Quality Management System described in the Quality Manual.

Practical Guide to Low Voltage Directive

Author: Gregg Kervill

G.K. Consultants Limited

ISBN: 0750637455

Cost £38.99



A guide to LVD compliance for managers and engineers alike.    Clear, concise guidance through a legislative minefield.   Essential for companies all over Europe.   Compliance with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) is now essential for CE marking.  Products cannot leave your firm without it.  This book provides essential and informative reading for company directors, engineers, designers and students designing, manufacturing or studying the design of electrical products covered by the Low Voltage Directive.

Unlike many textbooks that offer general guidance only this book provides illustrated examples of non-compliant products and suggests solutions. It also provides detailed guidance notes to EN60950 - one of the most widely used harmonised standards.  Gregg Kervill is an international consultant on European regulations and North American product safety standards. His clients include blue chip and Fortune 500 companies as well as Government agencies. Gregg Kervill advises his clients on self-declaration of the Low Voltage Directive.

Quality and Standards in Electronics

Author:  Ray Tricker

(MSc, IEng, FIIE (elec), FinstM, MIQA, MIRSE), Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Herne European Consultancy Ltd - an organisation specialising in Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems

ISBN: 0750625317

Cost £65.00



A manufacturer or supplier of electronic equipment or components needs to know the precise requirements for component certification and quality conformance to meet the demands of the customer. This book ensures that the professional is aware of all the UK, European and International necessities, knows the current status of these regulations and standards, and where to obtain them.

Reference Data for Engineers

Radio, Electronics, Computers & Communications

9th Edition

Authors: Mac E. Van Valkenburg &

Wendy M Middleton

ISBN 0750672919

Cost £90.00



Reference Data for engineers is the most respected, reliable, and indispensable reference tool for technical professionals around the globe.  Written by professionals for professionals, this book is a complete reference for engineers, covering a broad range of topics.  It is the combined effort of 96 engineers, scientists, educators, and other recognised specialists in the fields of electronics, radio, computer and communications technology.

RF and Microwave Radiation Safety

2nd Edition

Author: Ronald Kitchen

ISBN 0750643552

Cost £60.00



A practical handbook for all involved in electronic design and safety assessment, RF and Microwave Radiation Safety covers the problems of RF safety management, including the use of measuring instruments and methods, radiation hazards and risks resulting from electromagnetic interference, as well as reviewing current safety standards and the implications for RF design.

The Technician's EMI Handbook, Clues and Solutions

Author: Joseph Carr

Electronics Engineer in avionics with US Defense Department; leading US electronics author for Newnes and PROMPT publications

ISBN: 0750672331

Cost £27.50



Addresses the technician's needs and interests.  Written by an eminent authority in the field.  Covers correction and prevention of problems with EMI.  A hands-on guide to finding the sources of electromagnetic interference and then fixing the problems. Includes basic theory of EMI as well as detailed explanations of why this problem is becoming more serious as the international scope of the communications and electronics industries grow.  This book is not a textbook, but rather a handbook that will become a constant source of reference for anyone who runs into trouble with EMI. Includes chapters on grounding, circuit shielding and filtering, preventing EMI in circuit design, as well as EMI sources such as power lines, transmitters, television, consumer electronics, telephones, automobiles, and the ever-frustrating mystery EMI.

There are very few other books available even though EMI is constantly discussed and cursed. Most of the books on the market are about how to prevent EMI in circuit design or approaches to understanding the theory behind EMI. Though this information is important, especially to an engineering audience, these books hold no value at all to the technicians and hands-on practitioners in the fields of communications and servicing. These savvy professionals know that the book they are looking for and need is just not on the market. To get the information they need, this group is forced to read every magazine article they can find on the subject and rely on the advice of other professionals whether through technician groups or newsgroups. This book fills a void in the telecommunications and electronics industries by providing practical troubleshooting information.

Understanding the EMC Directive

Author:s: Jimmy Tzimenakis and David Holland

Jimmy Tzimenakis, Senior Manager for Sony, Mid-Glamorgan. Safety Approvals Engineer.

David Holland, Trading Standards Officer.

ISBN 0953426912

Cost £34.00



This is a practical and easy to follow guide aimed at helping manufacturers, importers, distributors, enforcement officers etc. to understand the EMC Directive. The guide is divided into four parts:

The first part examines the EMC Directive and its enforcement in the EEA. It also contains tips on satisfying the due diligence requirements.

The second and most detailed part explains the use of standards and the various options for testing. It takes the reader through the process of testing for EMC, understanding the test report generated and discusses the concept of CE+CE=CE. It also gives advice on solving EMC problems.

Part 3 deals with the documentation required by the Directive.

Finally, part 4 explains the 80/80 rule (compliance using limits), and provides guidelines on Production Control.

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